....two days in a row.

Yesterday I took my work horse of a Macbook into the apple store to get the screen repaired, they said it would be 5-7 days so I was totally surprised when at 09:45 this morning I got a call saying it was ready. I thought they'd made a mistake but this wasn't the case, so instead of starting my DIY jobs I got on my way to Brum to collect it.

The invoice was £588 but even after 3 years they wiped the bill to £0 as it was a known fault. I couldn't be happier with the customer service they give.

You pay a premium price at the beginning but you certainly get the follow up package over the years. My Mac is like new again with no impact on my workflow.

Today's image is my entry for the challenge of Cultural Blip Municipal Workers.

Working hard in the blistering heat fixing the water supply.

Mr Bo Hingles

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