Pictures off to Denmark

Today our visitors got to choose some pictures to take home, if they felt like it. They did. Which is nice, since I have a lot of paintings sitting quietly in drawers doing nothing much. Far better that they are hanging on a Danish wall!

Today has been all about the garden, the studio, the cooking of the dinner, the delight of good company. We have really enjoyed our guests, they are the easiest of people to amuse as they amuse themselves, and are satisfied with everything.

Even the loo that no longer stops filling up. Another little job to be sorted... along with the sink that is leaking a bit. If we are to do Air B&B it will have to be a bit smarter than this!!

Tomorrow is a new day, with new challenges. A trip to the hospital for a check up and a meet up with old friends on the way. Life is good - hope this applies to you too!

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