The man from the public work department

I was with T. at the "Beerfelder Horse Market".
It's a fair, a market and on Monday the biggest breeding cattle exhibition in Hessen. You can see the most different breedings of cows, horses, sheep, goats, donkeys, alpacas and rabbits. I was astonished about the warm and lovely handling of the animals. They really trust their owners, see extra.
After the prize-giving there was a show with very different acts.
There was a Quadrille with eight carriages, a westernrider/ dog agility-team, or a free dressage with four beautiful horses.
I spotted the man from the public work department, who was holding the cordon for closing off the place for the four free running horses.
The men of the public work departement (Bauhof) are real gofer.
They maintain the public places, repair holes in the street, cut the public grasslands and hedges, tidy up, close the shut-off valves for events, repair what has to be repaired, plant and care for the plants... thousand duties and even they are stakes for a cordon, if needed. :-))
So here is my entry for the Blip Community challenge: Cultural Blip Municipal Workers

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