Sollefteå hospital, occupied!

The Swedish maternity hospital with no babies
The drive took over an hour, the scan less than 10 minutes, the drive home another hour and then some.

We bought our protest badges from the "occupying forces" in the hospital entrance. Just as we were signing the protest lists Nina started playing some lovely wing chimes, and one of the protesters played a thumb piano, to "spread some harmony". It felt very harmonious anyhow, they have 100% support I should think!!! 

Here's the story in English, and a link to a 7 minute film about what happens when you close the only maternity hospital for many miles. (lovely scenery!) The film doesn't mention that it is Sweden's third best unit and is beloved by all who have given birth there. Or that the local authority saves 0.16% of their budget by shutting the unit. People will die.... it is crazy. 

The blurb for the film: "Protesters have occupied part of a hospital in Sweden after the closure of their local maternity ward.
Pregnant women worried about the long drive to alternative hospitals have also been going on a course on how to give birth in a car."
Filmed and produced by Elise Wicker and Andy Brownstone

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