Simon's 20XX Journal

By simondownie

Pretty Red Bike

Biking in Beijing isn't really much of a pastime. It's a means to an end, it's a means of getting from point-A to point-B, in a manner that is only slightly quicker than walking. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that I see 100 or more bikes on my 10 minute walk to work in the morning, most of them rusting, dubious folding style bikes, or ancient rusting things with the chain hanging off. It's very rare that I'll see a £1000 carbon framed road bike.

So, on the occasions that you see something out of the ordinary, something that has been looked after, something that someone would cry over if it was lost or stolen...something that has a lovely shade of red glossy paint on stands out. Maybe 1% of the bikes I see in Beijing will be like this, but very few are presented to me like this :)

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