Tiny Tuesday Answer

Conblipulations to Technophobe who correctly identified my "Guess What?" Tiny Tuesday challenge yesterday. And well done to lynnjones7186, flossie & Flashcube who were very close! Thanks to everyone who had a guess. I did particularly like alanwoodley4's suggestion that it was part of my famous first edition bath mat collection!

Anyway as Technophobe said, it's actually the "hologram-like thingy" on the new UK pound coin. The new coin is said to be technically advanced to make it difficult ("impossible"?) to copy. One of the counterfeit protections is highly secret but may be a special binary code written on the surface, only readable by special machines using (?) ultraviolet light. The other is a hologram-type area on the front of the coin at the 6-o'clock position. Depending on the direction of the light and the viewing angle, it may be unreadable, or may show as a pound sign (£) or as a number "1". I've attempted to show this in the three photos above, the central one being the unreadable one.

There's some more information on the web, for example here.

(View large here.)

(Reminder to blippers far and near - the old pound coin will cease to be legal tender on October 15th this year, although for a limited time thereafter banks and post offices should continue to accept them.)

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