Swizzle stick?

Here's the solution to yesterday's mystery object :-) You were seeing the bottom part which is used to squeeze the juice out of a citrus slice in a cocktail/long drink or simple sparkling water as it's here (more vitamins for me). Now hopefully you can help me with naming the object, as it's not a stirrer, nor a muddler, more a masher. To be honest I wouldn't know what to call it in Dutch either. I just know it's very handy for cool sparkling drinks in summer which also involve slices of citrus.

For now summer seems to have left us, it's been raining since last night!
I'm starting to feel better however !

Remember that tomorrow's Abstract Thursday' s optional theme is 'monster' and its tag will be AT107 :-) Show us some monster abstracts !

Thanks so much for your kind comments, guesses and stars for  yesterday's Blip

PS just saw that Evolybab has kindly stepped in to judge this week's TinyTuesday (TT111) entries, so do look at her journal this week for the results ! Oh, and I've found out that in Dutch this is called a 'tonic stamper' or literally translated a tonic masher :-) G&T fans, do you recognise this tool and have a name for it for me?

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