Carol's ramblings

By Lucari


My dog Lili (right) is an independent character and "tolerates" Poppy (left). Poppy is our daughter's dog so usually lives in Germany. Lili decided to get on the blanket for a kip, but Poppy also had the same idea. Usually Lili will get up and go away when Poppy invades her space, but I think she's given up this time :)

(Yesterday's Blip (tiny Tuesday) was the light fitting for our uplighter - extra.)

Had a call from AJ (Auntue Joyce) yesterday evening, she had fallen in the night and ended up in hospital, fractured humerus - plaster cast from top of arm to wrist. Back home with some support. Update today from my other aunt, AJ back in hospital, looking to hopefully have some convalescence at a cottage hospital. Bless her, so independent, hates not being able to do things herself, but in a lot of pain. Sending get well wishes to her :)


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