Playing with macro

Today our road has been closed. 

We have Scottish Power to thank.  They are busy digging a big hole and it looks like Monday before normal service is resumed.

Meanwhile if we want to get out there is only one way- a three mile detour over very hilly terrain on a single track road. 
We have some very elderly neighbours in their 90s and the doctor had to walk this morning about a quarter of a mile to reach one house  and the carers too.

According to Stirling council website though the road should be passable after 4pm.  Its not. So I have been in touch with our local councillor and others have made angry phone calls to the Council.

It goes without saying we are a stroppy lot who dont take kindly to being cut off in this fashion, especially when we received no warning.  Oh yes they did post it on their website. But who goes trawling through council websites looking for road closures?

Well, with a little bit of help from M I have got the macro lens working. So time for plenty of experimentation.


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