Spacey Pics

By Stacebob


This picture would've been so good if I'd turned my phone to fit myself and Jesse in... Mike looks great though!

I've had a lovely (if somewhat travel anxiety dodgy-tummied) day today, in London for Mike & Jesse's wedding. I got to London super early (my anxieties about travel delay wouldn't have it any other way) so I got to spend some time at Mike's new digs, watching him play (read: repeatedly accidentally die in) Breath Of The Wild. After a quick pub pitstop to collect some more guests we headed over to the Civic Centre for the ceremony. It was lovely; short but incredibly sweet, and I got to do some ring bearing! (So honoured). After some photos in a slightly dubious garden setting (why so many chains on the ground, Civic Centre gardens, why?!) we headed back to the pub for some grub, booze and celebrating. The weather was so nice and the company so lovely (they even put up with my terrifying Gerard Butler impressions!) that I was a bit loathe to go home! Luckily I'd gotten cheap first class train tickets home, so I got a table to myself for most of the journey, and spent it listening to OSTs and watching the sunset over the countryside.

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