Copenhagen and Me.

By RtCph


Old, new, cute and confused synchronised, ..........sort of.

Let me explain; this is taken with a 35 year old Zeiss Planar* 50mm 1,7 with a Contax mount. Using my new Sony e-mount camera and a 10 quid (£) converter ....which I got yesterday. Carlos The Cute was irresponsibly left in my charge by his owner's dad and duly forced into service. I was so confused with the four flashes and the lens that I over exposed the shot whilst cocking up the sync speed (hence the shadowed top third). Carlos was just plain confused through out.

*Some idiot gave me a camera after obviously googling it's value .....without checking the lens value (a reassuring £200, judging by e-bay). Same guy who gave me the camera sacked me while I was off ill and then got sacked for being useless. Twat.

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