Another sister and another Birthday!

Jenny is 60 today! Party tomorrow.

After enjoying our Wedding Anniversary and redunancy celebration dinner at Bear Grills last night we wandered up Long Street to my ex sister in law's (Sarah) pub.

One of my claims to fame is that I once served Robert Plant a pint when I volunteered at our 90 seat local theatre. At the time he was dating a friend of a friend. This was about 10 years ago. They apparently split up because she wanted a child and he didn't. (Having looked on Wiki his 4 children are their 40s) Anyway, we passed Robert and his (ex) girlfriend last night. 

We reached Sarah's pub where we were joined by my brother, Phil (Sarah's ex) and his girlfriend and some other friends. I told them that we had just seen Robert Plant outside and Sarah said that until recently, Dave Davies of the The Kinks rented the 2 bed cottage next to the pub. She said no one knew who he was, just some scruffy bloke that sat in the corner with his laptop most evenings. He had lived there for a year and people only started to realise who he was a few weeks before he left! 

Worth millons and lived alone in a 2 bed rented cottage.

Enjoy your weekend!

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