Been fishing Dave but no luck !

The weather was better this morning not too hot but sunny so great for gardening.
I had a very busy morning kicking off by trimming the long (50 metres) hedge of my neighbor along the north fence . It's only a month since Bruno did the main cut but lots of small trees were growing through and needed cutting back.
I then cut back a tall climbing rose on the east wall and some bamboos on the south border.
Next up a pump needed unblocking in the pond and I spotted a bush on the west fence growing very tall and overhanging into my neighbors orchard.
So I set about giving it a good cut by about a third in height and all round the sides, I've got a big bonfire building up but will wait till September before I even think about burning.
Molly had a great morning by the gates and then in the stream where she had her head stuck in the water most of the time, goodness knows what she was after.
Helene the hairdresser is coming to do MrsD and myself later and I'll be watching sport, tennis and formula one
on TV.
Thanks for stopping by its appreciated and I hope you have a nice day too.
Having just reread this perhaps my title should have been North,East,South and West....

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