A better blipper than me

By pingufivemins

night fishing

evening all,

i haven't really ever got fishing.

I have had a couple of goes at it,

once managing to hook a pleasure cruiser whilst fishing on a boating lake at Heaton Park, took me ages to reel it in and then they made me throw it back......

I subscribe more to the "Atticus Finch" school of fishing from to kill a mockingbird,

who used to sit at a fishing hole for hours on end, fishing rod in the water but with no hook on the end of his line, just sitting, and thinking.

Good idea, although it does seem somewhat of a male preserve, a getaway from the " little woman" and the pressures of work,

which is frankly bollocks.

This is a fishing hole near where i live, which i discovered on a walk today, deserted apart from a sole angler, who told me this was "fishing club members only"

i told him to hook off

night all

beltane fire

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