Had a very useful Saturday.  Tim took his bike to try and get it serviced this morning (unsuccessfully), and I did a load of washing and cleaned the kitchen.  When he got back, I changed the bed, then after some lunch I started listing a load of things on eBay, while Tim watched the F1 qualifying, and also while he cleaned the (inside of the) car.  It took me blimmin' hours but I did list 10 items (including these baseball boots that I love but never wear).  

Then cooked up a huge batch of curry - we had some for dinner and I portioned the rest out for meals during the week (or next couple of weeks).  Had a relaxing evening after all that, watching the new Crystal Maze on TV, among other things.

Ran out of time again to edit my holiday photos - but I have just posted the entry for Ireland day 2 - Glendalough :)

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