Every Picture Tells .....


Muckle Roe


Today we said goodbye to Shetland. We have had a fantastic time both here and  in Orkney. The weather has been sunny and dry beyond expectations and, despite the latitude, warm enough to sit out on the sandy and near-deserted beaches.

However we woke up to rain this morning so, after checking-out, we spent the morning at the Shetland Museum which has a strong maritime flavour. One of the galleries has some pretty large boats suspended on wires from above. This is the Muckle Roe a sail-powered fishing boat built in 1917. She was later modified and fitted with an outboard motor.

There is still so much left to see that I'm sure we'll be back. We haven't seen any whales or otters, much to Harriet's disappointment, but we have seen plenty of seals, skuas and puffins. 

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