Mostly Six Five Oh

By nhc

Rosie's Garden

A slower day today which was lovely. A long chat with a girlfriend, we've known each other since we were 5 years old. We were supposed to meet for lunch on Friday but I got overwhelmed and she got swamped at work before an upcoming trip (tomorrow) to London. So, we caught up on the phone today.  

I headed over to the Hollywood neighborhood to run some errands. I'd forgotten - I don't know how - that there would be the outpourings in memoriam of the violence that had happened on the MAX train at that station just recently. It was very moving - pictures in extra.

In the late afternoon I spent time with Lena and her family. I arrived as she and her daughter were hanging out the laundry to dry. They have a huge and completely wild garden - I love it - which their two rescue cats Rosie (pictured) and Quimby* adore. We hung out for a bit before going out for dinner at our favorite vegan restaurant. It was so good to catch up, she and her family are about to embark on a big transition, a transatlantic one, the two cats included.

* I think I've written about the cats before, a lady in their neighborhood passed away and all her cats were made homeless by her sister who came to deal with the estate, she let the cats out and shut the door and didn't care. The neighborhood rallied, Lena took in 3 (1 got adopted out, she kept 2), other neighbors took in some, sadly a couple perished before they could be rescued. Rosie is a sweetheart, I got my home away from home cat time with her this afternoon!

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