...or nothing

I do rather like string. Not entirely sure why. Not in a dirty way, though. It's just one of those nice traditional things like sacks, tins, the smell of vinyl, wood, BBC radio and suchlike which is just always around and turns up reassuringly every now and then although I was expecting this bit of sisal to be here as I almost blipped it then but went with the wooden hand instead and used the twine-shot as my desktop. Having said that there are some bad sorts of string of which I do not approve such as that polypropylene rubbish (particularly the blue stuff) which kinks rather than bands and which only holds the wrong sort of knots. Although it's quite sturdy and useful I dislike orange baler-twine as it was usually found acting as a form of barrier between where a child was permitted and not permitted to be in the woods around the child-village. Normal white cellulose-fibre string is nice to look at but a little bit weak in use though when it's been tied round a lamp-post for several years and has become somewhat brown and manky it really comes into its own. The pictured twine was sort-of-fixing a hole in the fence beside the river though would probably only have prevented a vary large dog or an easily-dissuaded child from squeezing through. It's still a bit more sensible in terms of repair-effectiveness than the many instances of using small white string to flimsily occlude gaps in railings one sees around the city including the several entries in the blip-bank.

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