Picture mounted, stretched, torn, rescued, framed

I went for it and tried to remember what I knew about stretching Chinese paper, mounting on to more Chinese paper and leaving it to stretch and dry flat. it sort of worked. I tore the painting of course, but only a bit, I had to do it twice, it is still a bit wobbly, and it will certainly go yellow since it is only hand drying paper, not proper stuff!

But after a few hours of serious lupin removal and the carting off of many barrow-loads of debris I needed to d o something more restful. Since there was a fair bit of swearing as the paper folded itself up in a wet condition, and then stuck itself in the wrong places I should have read a book!

Now it's time for some food with Annika and Lasse who are home from the first day of the Tai Chi beginner's course. We have had their dog Monia with us all day. She has been reserved and spent time in the red house, coming out to be taken for a walk and given nice treats. Otherwise I think she is waiting to see if we are approved of by her owners.

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