By wrperry

Sprawling Grasshopper

It's a good thing this was a fairly large Black-eyed Susan, because this grasshopper needed every bit of it.
I'm back on Cape Cod today, after a 50 minute flight, and a 90 minute drive from the airport.  All in all, it takes me about 5 and a half hours to get here if I fly, which seems well worth it when it means getting away from the 90+ degree heat at home.  One of my favorite places here is a meadow near the marsh, filled with wildflowers and insects.  I had to perform park ranger duty today when a woman got out of her car with a pair of scissors and started to collect a bouquet of Queen Anne's Lace.  I hightailed over and told her she wasn't supposed to cut the flowers.  It's public land and they are meant to be enjoyed by all (including the insects!).  I'm not usually that brazen, but I had seen a park ranger tell another person the very same thing last time I was there, and I was irritated that this woman was selfish enough to think they belonged on her dining room table.  Fortunately she simply got in her car and drove away.  Then I went back to photographing what she was kind enough to leave behind.

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