Photographic Journeys

By photo_journeys

Bob & Ikki (at the Balti hut, Southam)

The Chicken Tikka Masala has enjoyed an enviable position as one of Britain’s favourite dishes. Infact it has won it’s own recognised place by the politicians too when the former Foreign secretary, Robin Cook described Chicken Tikka Masala as “..a true British national dish..” and we owe this to the hard working Indian and Bangladeshi restaurateurs who can be found in most British High Streets, towns and major cities. 

“The Balti Hut’’ in Southam, Warwickshire is one of these archetypal small businesses; busy every day of the week with a regular English, ‘village life’ clientele eating curried meat, fish and vegetables. 
Bob has been the owner and manager of the restaurant for over 18 years having grown up in London after coming to the UK from Bangladesh as a child

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