Tiny Tuesday-make it look smaller than it is!!

Well, these two very tiny shadows are so much smaller than we are!!
What a great day we've had!   It began with a trip to a new bike trail, where this trestle bridge was the highest we've ever ridden across!   It was a relaxing and pastoral ride (25 miles total) and we loved it.

Then we were close to my cousin who had surgery lately, and we wanted to make sure she was doing o.k.   Her house was locked up, and she wasn't at her job, either, so I called her brother.   He said, "Go check the Lion's Club!"
Sure enough, there she was, getting ready for a banquet they were having tonight!!   She was amazed to see us, and took some time to have lunch and catch up with us, and to assure us that she's doing well!   It was great to see her and spend time with her!
On the way home, I had to see the Big Lake (Huron).   I can't be close without stopping in to say hello!   So my extra is the Lakeport State Park...a lovely place for a dip!!

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