Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Attention, Exercise, and Interaction

Is what Vizslas thrive on.   OK!    We are getting into a small routine with Maple.    She is very patient in the morning and will wait to go out to exercise.   Then we run around on the trails (well, SHE runs around)  … and today our work project was to wash the outside windows in the Tall House.  She does want to be as close to us as possible at all times but wasn’t sure about getting squirted with the hose so sometimes she watched from inside.  This is her familiar couch as this is where her family stays when they are here.   I liked the crazy reflections.

Vizslas are Hungarian hunting/pointing dogs… good hunters and retrievers.  Supposedly they will go in the water to retrieve but we’ve never gotten her in over her front feet.   Maybe it’s too cold for her short hair with no wooly undercoat.   We met some dog folks at the park at the ferry and did hear that “vizslas don’t do water” but that’s not what I’ve read or seen (“WildMooseChase "on blip).  We are getting VERY fond of her…I hope she’s not bored.   She missed seeing the mink that ran by my studio a little while ago.   She is outside more than she’s accustomed to in the city tho —it tires her out, thank goodness.  She’s ready for bed at 9:00 PM   As are we!

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