Molly reporting on my last six months !

We were woken by a thunder storm at 7 this morning and it went on for about an hour really soaking the garden.
So I thought it's about time I gave you all an update on my six months living with my chosen family.
Well I'm pleased to say I made the right choice I love it here.
I like to help Dave when he's in the garden especially if drops a glove then I'm off with it.
He's given up chasing me now as he knows I'm too quick so eventually I bring it back and I get a treat.
I know now where I'm not allowed to go so I keep off flower beds and the vegetable patch well at least most of the time.
I've got my own hidden places where I can dig, I'm sorting out the cat next door in fact there are quite a few cats that visit us so I'm kept pretty busy.
I'm friends with the hedgehogs as I know they have a job ( like me) to do in the garden.
MrsD takes me on lots of walks and I've got dog friends on route so we catch up on the news and any new cats we should know about.
I like my training sessions but get a bit bored after a while so I'm off hunting.
I play ball with Dave but he gets fed up when he has to keep fetching it so I've got to work harder on him.
Foods good and I'm getting to like rock and roll music and movies especially if there's a dog in the film.
So basically life's pretty good I'm just waiting for my first haircut which MrsD says September and Dave says sooner but I'll leave it to them.
As you can see from the photo I'm practicing my pose trying to show my best side, I have to as Dave is always taking photos of me well I'm so pretty it's normal.
Thanks for dropping in to see me and I hope you have a nice day, Molly.
BTW Dave's busy in the shed cleaning a pond pump and hoping it will work again.

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