Meet My New Friend ....

... Pouches!

I have been noticing lately that we have a new chippy scurrying around the back deck.  He (I have confirmed he is indeed a male!) is a bit apprehensive of me and would always run off when I went outside. 

Yesterday I wanted to see if he would take a peanut from my hand the way Nibbles does.  I went out and sat on the deck with a peanut in my outstretched hand.  He was very interested in the peanut but didn't come up to me right away like Nibble did.  It took a while and quite a bit of nerve on his part but he finally took the peanut!  That makes three chippies that I can now feed!

Today when I saw him I went out right away and tried again.  It didn't take him as long to take the peanut as yesterday and by the third or fourth peanut he was coming right up to me!  If we are going to be such good friends he needed a name .... and Pouches just seems to fit him perfectly!

I have done a quick catch up of my journal .... starting with Silly Saturday!

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