State of Emergency

Today we recived the first stage of the predicted storm 1 months rain in 24 hours, this has caused flooding and road closures. A State of Emergency has been declared for our town. As part of my job our company has been involved in trying to minimise the flooding to property. Tim and I had to fix a water leak where there was no water to the house, due to being wet and cold I am sure we did this in record time. Right now we have strong winds and the rain has eased, but we are expecting about the same amount over night. I have to be prepared to go out tonight if I am needed otherwise I will be starting at 07:00. I have a bag with a change of clothes packed. It has taken me 1 hour to travel the normal 10 minute trip from work to home. Check out the community challenge about the Municiple workers. I don't think I will be far out of bed tonight.

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