My New Sweet Little Bunny Friend

"When eyes meet in silence
A pact can be made
A lifelong alliance
That won't be betrayed
Won't be betrayed"

I stopped at the Arboretum first thing in the morning to visit the lily pond, which is perking right along now in high summer. Things are gorgeous there, I am happy to report. And the damselflies and dragonflies have started to show up, flying bugs both large and small. The show is amazing. For the water lily lovers and fancy bug lovers who live near enough: GO, yes, GO NOW!

I walked through the fragrance garden and headed for the pollinator garden, when I spotted the cutest little bunny. It had absolutely no fear, and it hopped right up to me. It seemed delighted with everything, the way young creatures sometimes are. It nibbled on some snacks and then binkied around: tiny adorable hops here and there.

At one point, it was as close as about three feet away from me. I probably could have reached out and petted it. But it is my general policy to let the wild things be: unless a creature is in trouble (in which case: HELP as best you can! but do so carefully), look, and enjoy, but do not touch.

The bunny had just hopped to the edge of the pollinator garden and nibbled on some plants there, its cute little bunny-butt facing me. (Tiny cotton-ball puff! So adorbs!) Then it turned around and gave me this look: Oh, are you still there? (Hey, bun . . . um, you've got a little something dangling from your mouth there.)

Then it binkied past me, with pretty little hops - as I tried very hard to refrain from giggling out loud - and I stood up to start to take my leave. The bunny gave me a tiny hurt look, as though to ask: What? You're leaving me? What? You cannot stay? And alas, it was true: I had to go. It hopped away into the flowers as I walked away. Farewell, friend. Until we meet again . . .

The soundtrack is one of my favorite Pete Townshend songs: from The Iron Man musical, A Friend Is A Friend. Some of the song's lyrics appear above.

Take a risk. Be a friend!

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