Rachael entering the Hive at Kew

A wonderful afternoon in Kew Gardens! Rachael was determined to visit this year and now she has! She loved it of course. There is too much to see in a day but we took the explorer around the perimeter and had a talk on the history then visited the Palm House, Princess of wales conservatory, the Hive, Kew palace and the Sackler crossing stopping for tea and Scones cream and jam halfway. The hive is amazing and somehow linked to their bee hive, flashing lights show what the bees are doing and how they communicate, apparently they buzz in the key of C!

I'm so proud of Zebedee who has passed the first year at college in visual art and design and now has a 90 Credit Diploma! He has decided to transfer to a course in Personal Training for his second year and has been accepted and that starts in September.

Busy morning, got G off to school then recording vocals for an advert for a friend, dropped G's guitar off at the menders, post office, phone calls, paperwork, emails...

Packing for our holiday in Ibiza tonight, can't wait!

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