An Official Ducky...

Nothing like an easy but long day of work and then spending a half an hour to find parking, walk a 1/2 mile just to get a taste of Renton River Days and support the community. 

This is one of the official welcoming ducks, the ones that go down the river are much much smaller. In the extra is a very happy camel, two piggies and of course little ducks..They also had goats, bunnies, sheep, chickens, donkeys, and.. all at the children's petting zoo..

On Sunday at 16:30 Pacific Coast time  I'll be rooting for duck number 1613.. I hope that's my lucky duck  ;-)

Other things happening..

My dad got out of the hospital today after the bacteria test came back negative.. I hoping beyond hope that he stays infection free for awhile.. He was transported back to the group home he is staying at.

I have been going through a lot of bird food lately and I was trying to figure out why.. Sure more birds are stopping by but tonight I saw the flicker outsmart the squirrel proof feeder by eating upside down.. Where there is a will they is a way...

The chickadees don't get scared by me anymore. Two of them flew over to the rhododendron when I went into the back yard. They watched me clean the bird bath and before I could put the hose away they were drinking water.. Such cute little birds full of character..

Seeing my dad and back to the festival tomorrow..   

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