In the end - it doesn't really matter

I had a great day out on the fells with my guests, and came home to the news that one of my musical idols had taken his own life.

My journal is called "What I've Done" partly because that is exactly what Blip is about, but also because it's my favourite track from one of my favourite groups - Linkin Park. They certainly won't be many of your cup of tea, but I loved their diverse style. Formed 20 years ago and sold many millions of albums world-wide. I had tickets to see them at the MEN arena only two weeks ago, but due to building work still going on there, the gig had to be cancelled.

Chester Bennington, their lead singer and frontman, apparently a gentle, humerous guy with a wife and six children, suffered from depression after being abused as a boy. His lyrics often reflected the torture in his mind.

So sad that he should have hung himself at only 41 years old. One of his lyrics reads "In the end - it doesn't really matter"

RIP Chester, and thoughts to your family and bandmates.

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