My boss was back today - hooray!  I've been slightly drowning in work for the past couple of weeks, so it's good to have her back to take charge again.  I was still feeling pretty stressed on my way in this morning, but it was good to see her and I did start to make a little dent in a few things today.  Also did pilates at lunchtime, which though knackering is also quite calming.

I didn't get a chance to take any photos on my way to work (because I was carrying all my eBay stuff, which I then didn't get a chance to post), so I finally took this photo I've been meaning to take for a while, at Blackheath station on the way home.  These windows used to be hidden away behind a shop in the station, but after a refurb and re-arrange a couple of years ago, they were revealed.  I like them.

Busy evening, re-printing the postage labels for the eBay stuff I failed to post today, scanning something for Tim, and sorting out my finances.  Not much time left for photo editing before bed!

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