It has been a long day.

I was on Norwegian’s 11.25 flight to Oslo, and either the excitement, the dawn chorus or next door’s milk being delivered woke me way too early.

Norwegian was just a twinkle in someone’s eye the last time I visited Oslo. So was Gardermoen Airport. The airport was at Fornebu back then.

The travel went well. By 16:30 (local) I was in my apartment in Nesodden, across Oslofjord from the city centre, via train, ferry and bus. It’s amazing - another world but only 20 minutes by ferry from the centre of Oslo. 

It’s just after 22:00 and it’s now dusk but still daylight. It’s still 20⁰. Door and windows wide open.

There’s a wee beach about 200m away and I’m told the water’s 18⁰-20⁰. I brought my dookers.

Deciding on the Blip isn’t easy, but I’ve gone for the view from the water’s edge at the local beach. The extra is the B10 ferry to Aker brygge arriving to take me for a  burrito and some sightseeing in the evening. 

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