It's all about the lobsta!

Today we took a drive to Cape Ann (Massachusetts) and bounced in and out of lovely little seacoast towns.

The first stop was Gloucester (pronounced 'Glosta' for some bizarre reason...) where I wanted to meet some of the folks involved in fishing my all-time favorite meal: lobster. The main blip is of Frankie: he's in the business of receiving the daily catches from the 60 fishermen that work with him and then packing and helping distributing the catch. At the beginning of the season (now), each individual fisherman brings in about 400 lb of lobster and that can go up to 2,000 lb at the height of the season. He talked about the size lobsters that are allowed and showed us the difference between male and female and a ton of other info that's too long to add in here (and I'm late to go out for dinner!).

Captain Dan (see extra) has been involved in lobster fishing since age 5. When asked whether he went out with his dad, he said "no, my dad's an electrical engineer. My grandpa is the one who got me hooked!"

I've added another two extras: one from the beginning of the day with big cloud covers and one at the end of the day when the clouds had all lifted: looking at them side by side, the shots could be from different universes!

What a wonderful day. We've vowed to come back to that area and rent a house for a couple of weeks next year to better explore it :))

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