Oronsay (population 8 - plus two peacocks)

After two days spent mainly lying on the beach we decided that today we should be a little more active. Our destination was Oronsay, a tidal island to the west of Colonsay, and its C14th priory.

It was about an hour's ride to the edge of the strand (with an unplanned diversion to look at the Colonsay airfield) where we left the bike. To reach the island we waded through the water for about 30 minutes as the tide receded. About half way across the sand beneath our feet became littered with broken shells and pebbles. This made for rather painful paddling. I remarked it that it felt like we were on some religious pilgrimage which required the payment of penance along the way to the island's priory.

Once on dry land again we walked for another half hour to the priory. Here we met two peacocks (blipped), mooched around the ruins, looked at the graveslabs, ate our picnic, and then reversed our route back across the sands to the bike. There wasn't so much paddling on the way back because by this time it was low tide. I kept my sandals on for the shells and pebbles this time!

On the 'mainland' once more we cycled down to the Colonsay Hotel for a cup on tea. Then on our return to our bed and breakfast we stopped off at Kiloran to watch a wedding party at the beach - a very romantic setting for a marriage ceremony.

We had about an hour and a half at our bed and breakfast to have a quick shower and get changed in time for the evening's entertainment - another bike ride back to the Colonsay Hotel and dinner. There was yet another fabulous sunset on the way back after our meal.

Tomorrow there is a change of islands for us, as well as a forecast change in the weather. The holiday fun will continue, regardless :-)

Exercise today: 32 miles of tandem riding, 5 mile walk.

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