Woken at 6.30 this morning by my maniac tailless wonder Pip, who was wild eyed and doing the wall of death round the house. I'm assuming this was in response to the fox party which was underway in the garden, watched the antics for over half an hour. Lovely to watch one of the parent foxes playing with the now almost grown cubs, they really are such attentive parents. Haven't had a chance to upload my photos yet, not convinced they will be good quality as the light this morning was terrible due to the rain. Here is a hoverfly shot later in the day. Getting a bit fed up with the unpredictable weather, rubbish that it's rainy most of the day then dry and brighter later. Doesn't make for good photo ops. Spent most of the day moving huge and heavy ikea unit and couch, fun with a broken toe!!!

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