By monochrome

G & T

Rather uneventful day today - perhaps the most interesting part of which was a wee jaunt into the town centre to John Lewis' and some other shops that the wife wanted to see. We had some JL gift vouchers that we've had for about a year now, and Mrs Monochrome had decided that we really ought to have a food processor, so we went to see what we could see. I suggested taking the car rather than the bus, as any such food processor box would no doubt be bulky and relatively cumbersome on busy Saturday afternoon public transport, and would be easier to transport in the boot of the motor.
Anywho, spent ages pouring over the different models, weighing up the pros and cons of going for one of the expensive models over the cheaper models, took our wee product ticket up to till and waited in queue for five minutes, only to be told said product was out of stock in the store, but we could either pick up from depot in Leith or collect on Monday. So, we're collecting on Monday, which means having to transport said cumbersome box on busy public transport bus after work on Monday night.

Spent the rest of the day taking it easy. UKTV started playing re-runs of Michael Palin's 'Full Circle', so we watched the first few episodes of that and had a few drinks. Pictured above is the wife's gin & tonic - my JD & coke wasn't very photogenic.

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