Parochie H Vincentius a Paulo

R.K. CHURCH OF H. VINCENTIUS à PAULO with LAZARISTENCONVENT in a style influenced by rationalism, to a 1923-dated design by architect F.P.J. Peutz te Heerlen.

The church was built to replace two wooden emergency churches: the so-called Belgian Church along the mining track of the Emma state road to Hendrik and the church on the Venweg,

First stone laying on July 20, 1924. Between 1953-1955, a children's chapel was built on the ground floor and a garage, creating a cross arm on the north side. This chapel now functions as a chapel, in the basement there is a tomb of urnen wall.


The church has a cross-shaped landmark. The three-legged ship is closed on the north-east side by a narrowed priest choir and a recycled semi-circular absis; On the south-west side, the ship is preceded by a massive tower with an entrance hall on either side.
The tower and the absis are separate from the ship. The tower is considered a massive body, which can move relative to the ship and the portals, but can not be confused so that a large brick vault could still be fitted. The foundation of the tower is a reinforced concrete frame.

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