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By catherinelacey

The Endeavour

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Welcome to your final resting place, captured here just feet above the runway at Los Angeles International Airport.

I can hardly describe the excitement, tension, utter joy, fascination, peace, Close Encounter-esque moments of backlit folk watching the skies, watching, screeching with excitement (oh maybe that was just me) seeing the Endeavour not only fly past Los Angeles International Airport twice, but land about 100m from where I was standing. That roar, the jubilation in everyone's voices, the mad dash across the road when we knew no amount of policing would stop us getting the best view, the cars parked on the stationary FREEWAY to gawk. It was utterly amazing and I'm so glad I've experienced this great moment in history and one of universal happiness.

I live just a short ride from here, but thank God I didn't make do with watching history through the boys' upstairs window...

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