Ripe for development

It would make a wonderful studio.

It's not often that you come across old buildings around here that haven't been done up and gentrified and we didn't know this building even existed.  We usually drive past this corner of Thurgoland and as this building is tucked away I've never noticed it before.  Ann is going to talk to the  `sages' on the Parish Council to see if she can find out it's history.  We were walking past today as we still do not have our car back and we needed a few items from the village store in Thorpes Garage.  Unfortunately they don't have a bread delivery on a Saturday so we had to settle for a Warburton's wholemeal sliced loaf.   We took a circular route via The Nook and the field on the way uphill and then via a very overgrown path (where we were hassled by over excitable dogs running a long the field at the side) and then down Thurgoland Hall Lane and Hand Lane to home.  The range of flowers growing on the partially collapsed wall are amazing at the moment and I need to do some flower identification as some are definitely new to me.  Far greater variety than we find along the verges of Hand Lane where some of the `thugs' of the plant world flourish.  I can start with field scabious but will have to find my flower guide to identify the others.  

We seem to have got our internet connection back.  Thank you Michelle, who after all this time identified a broadband fault on the line.  It appears to have been something they could sort remotely as it's certainly much improved now.   Thumbs up for the solicitors at long last too!!!

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