A really nice wander around the paths of Leith this morning, including coffee at the Sculpture Workshop. I had great fun with the new camera, including a new 18-150 lens (bought separately), which gives great flexibility and scope for near/far. I've also now, with Mr A's help, figured out how to use the in-camera spirit level, which is really helpful. I took this photograph by eye, with the help of the level, and it is literally Straight. Out. Of. The. Camera.

The extra is some honeysuckle where I used burst shooting to help with the problem of the wind making the bloody stuff move around all the time. I correctly surmised that something would be in focus.

We've spent most of the afternoon on various preparation activities, including the all important list of places we'll be going **once we get there**. Still many steps to take, though, but we are on the last leg (i.e. less than one month to go).

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