A New Feeder

My son likes to keep his hands busy. He’s always making something. His latest project is the sugar water dispenser he has made for the waxeyes. He bought a funky plastic parfait glass, cut it into pieces, and built this little feeder. He installed it on a tree outside the kitchen window that doesn’t have ripply glass. I put a cut apple nearby to advertise the feeder and a couple of hours later it was being used. I took this photo while sitting at the kitchen table.

I now have four sugar water feeders, and they need to be filled at least three times a day. This is because of a large increase in the waxeye population. Word has got around, I guess.

This morning’s frost was the worst we have had this winter.  I took some photos. See Extra Shot. There’s a dead poplar leaf, a strawberry leaf,a ragged Jack kale leaf, and part of a fern frond.

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