Happy birthday, Em

That's good thinking there, Cool Breeze.

More driving. It's muggy, so we wind down the windows and let the breeze cool is down.

Get Claire's keys from landlady in South Queensferry. Across the bridge to Dunfermline to look at an A3 - berry busy on the bridge. Back via the Audi garage at Sighthill, where they have lots of beautiful cars we can't afford. Home.

Deep breath. Shower. Load Owen. Back to Portobello for Emily's 50th. We start in the Espy before progressing, via ScotMid, to Em's. It's a great party - wonderful setup, goo weather, all the right people. And Ang's birthday cake.

Back at Nick's, Claire retires while Nikita, Nick and I have a nightcap and a cheese sandwich. Good times.

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