August 1st!

Cannot believe we are in August already.

Today I went into town to renounce my Pakistani citizenship! And as much as I was dreading this, it was absolutely uneventful. I was not an emotional wreck but more confident and ready. Also that online process last Friday really helped heaps ;-).

They were gracious enough to accept my application even though I was out of the 'official' hours (which were not stated on the website)! All submissions are to be made before 1pm and I was there at 1:30pm.

Anyway, it's done and was not a big deal and they said it'll take 3-6 months to receive the renunciation certificate and then I can proceed with the HK passport/ID application.

So that's a huge step taken. I came home and contemplated what I'd just done ... and then got on with the dinner! Such is the life of a mum!

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