By mansitolia2017


As we attend some of the last few lectures of our college life in the very last week of our college life, too many memories and too many emotions come in and flood us!

I still remember doubting my choice of university, but today when I look back, I couldn't have made a better choice! I only have things to be grateful for - people, lessons, experiences and memories - thank you so much for everything UB!

And fun fact, the friend who was in my class in my very first lecture in college, will also be a part of my very last one, and is also one of the people drinking with me tonight. These 2 have pretty much been with me through all my classes - couldn't have chosen better drinking buddies to catch up with, on this occasion.

Also, ended the day in the most hilarious manner after a friend's tooth cracking incident - while eating chicken wings hahaha - college is sure 4 years of epic memories!

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