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What do you show your out-of-town guests?

We've all gotten the "Hey, we're traveling to your area and would love to visit!" note. We're of course happy to have visitors (for the most part...) and immediately start thinking about how we can showcase our little corner of the world.
If we live in a touristy area, there are the usual spots, featured in tourist brochures. But as locals, we also know of places to see or things to do that don't necessarily make it into those brochures, yet, to us, they fully represent what our locality is all about and, often, these spots are more interesting that the staple monuments.
And if we live in an out-of-the-way place, we still have favorite spots to be enjoyed with our visitors.
So your job in this challenge is to show us what makes your corner of the world special! And hopefully, we'll have a nice "travel brochure" for all sorts of places across the blipfoto community :)
Because this is the height of summer vacation (at least in the Northern hemisphere), we will run this challenge for three weeks (Aug 4-Aug 25) and you may tag two blips (maximum please!) to the challenge over that timeframe.
We are going to ask for three tags, as follows (entries without these tags will be ignored)
- CBPOI (Cultural Blip Point of Interest)
- country name
- locality name (e.g. village name, town name, closest big city name)

If you'd like, you can use the geotag facility to mark your exact location.
When entering your tags, please separate each grouping of tags with a comma (e.g. USA, Washington DC, The White House) so they can be searched individually and do not use other punctuation marks.
We ask that you provide us with a description of what you've photographed and what makes it interesting to you and your fictional visitor.
We're looking forward to a whole lot of virtual travel!
From now on, our community challenges will also be listed on Blipfoto’s challenge page (Activities à challenges)
Remarks collected by Michele (aka Alsacienne)
Cover photo by Alsacienne: Washington D.C., USA, viewed from inside the Hirshhorn Museum.
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