Another angle

As seen when doing my yoga exercises on the floor of the upstairs room. The tile stove, the pet birds, the massive pot of tea (Keith's) and a few corners of my pictures. I look at this every day, and I saw it for the first time properly today.

For another angle on the craziness and diversionary tactics of the last 2 weeks in the White House, read the following.

Keith is progressing nicely, which is good. But he knows when the pain-killers have worn off so he's taking it easy. Rain stopped outdoor play today anyhow, so relaxing and resting is easy to organise.

The lovely trim is just part of the lovely tile stove. We use it to heat the room  in winter - with a fire-place with metal doors on it, that we leave open so we can see the fire. They are such marvellous things, working like a storage heater with pipes running through sand to harvest the heat before it goes up the chimney.

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