Turkish Van Cat

I made a new friend, a lovely lady 70 years old ( but what is age). A very wise woman. She has this beautiful Turkish Van cat with one blue and one green eye. When you show her affection she is going to bite you back, that is her way of show affection. I am glad my cat does do it in a different way. I don't like to be bitten by a cat even if it is given by love.

This morning much rain and the whole day a strong wind. Now the sun is shining.

The 5 cygnets are doing well, glad they are still all 5 together watching over each other. They are so glad when I come to visite them and talk to them. For a week now I don't give them food anymore. I want them to find food themselves and they do. Sometimes I give them some grass. When I should see they don't grow I will feed them again, but for now they are fine.

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