To See New Englandly

By distractedhausfrau

Date-Night Dilemma

I took my husband out tonight for his birthday to a grown-up restaurant. We had a lovely time, but we ate too much of our already over-sized portions. Not having any room for dessert, we finished up earlier than we'd expected.

As we were paying the bill, we realized we had a bit of a dilemma. If we headed home right then, we'd arrive right in the middle of the bedtime routine. If we stalled another half hour or so, we could avoid the routine but we'd pay more for babysitting. It took us about three nano-seconds to unanimously agree that stalling and paying a wee bit more for someone else to deal with bedtime was well worth it.

We took the long, long, long way home, grateful for every stop sign, red light, and pedestrian that slowed us down. So very different from the date-night dilemmas of singlehood!

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