Bit of a strange day

A strange day of feeling a bit off. The damp and cool weather made itself felt before I got out of bed, creak, creak! Flat and tired with no apparent cause, sounds like a virus to me... Lots of hot drinks and love were the order of the day. Rain promised to whoosh down upon our heads for 3 days solid, but it arrived at tea time and seems quite mild so far.

I took these two roses indoors as they don't thrive in heavy rain, so the blip was simply sorted. They are lovely, pretty, slightly frilly roses, and they smell so fresh too - the bush was a very welcome gift for my 60th birthday from Lasse and Annika. Not killed it yet! The extra is a more standard sort of picture, but I liked the odd angle and the green glass vase featured more prominently in the one that was chosen as the main.b The cloth was something else that jumped into my hands at the second hand shop. For mere pennies it came home with me, hand woven, lovely soft colours, all that work!

We have just booked a trip to the UK in part to sort a few family things out, and we'll be staying up north. Hiring a car and suchlike on the internet took some time. We have almost booked a trip to the other half of the family down south a bit later in the year ... just waiting to get the ok from them as it will be a busy time and there might be other plans. 

I stretched four pictures, so I don't forget how. I've been experimenting with various papers and found white tissue paper was really good, very strong when wet. So I chose it for one of the pictures today, when I  picked it up, wet, to stick it on the cupboard door to dry it totally fell apart! What? I sort of rescued the picture, but it looks a bit battered and creased.... upon investigation I discovered that there are two sorts of tissue paper in my drawer. One is the strong when wet sort, and the other is this rogue sort. Now plainly labelled!

In the corner of the kitchen there's a large bucket of chopped rhubarb, chopped lemons, sugar and water. It's been there since Wednesday. On Saturday it should be cordial. I've been looking up elderflower wine, wondering about giving that a try as there are plenty of flowers on the tree. What with the harvesting of fruits and flowers, and all this cold, rainy weather it might just be autumn after all. But where did the summer get to???

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