Buses do not rank nearly as highly as trains (though plans are being laid to get to the York Railway Museum sometime soonish now that Edgar is old enough to look like he's paying attention to things other than colours and noises) but we managed a good few hours in the bus depot during Doors Open Day today, though for some reason the wingpiglet disliked all the old single-decker buses, clamouring to escape as soon as we went on board, though was fine with moder single-deckers and the old double-decker that was looping round on short tours. The trip through the buswash was quite instructive as the brushes do not appear to be able to reach the front windows of the top deck, where we managed to bag a seat. If I'd been arranging it I'd have put the Driver's Blind Spot Experience some way away from the three Learner buses, which were switched on every few minutes so that people could rev them and toot their horns, blowing diesel exhaust fumes in the direction of the cyclists going round and round the Blind Spot Experience bus, racking up surprising distances in the process even if only at normal breathing rates. Prior to the bus we'd popped to the Victorian School thing at Leith Walk primary, then popping for a coffee and sandwich when we were still too early for the bus depot, followed up by another coffee and some cake whilst the wingpiglet sleeped, followed by a walk and carry/cuddle back along the Water of Leith path, eventually followed by a quick trundle round the newly-finished-and-re-opened Seafield Path (during bike hour) after some indecision about whether he wanted to go out on the bike or stay and finish the pudding which he wanted but didn't like and didn't want but wanted. Waaagh etc. A more understandable waaagh occurred earlier in the day when I accidentally caught his poor wee thumb in the stairgate, though he recovered much more quickly from that than from any of the deliberately-engineered food-or-behaviour-derived waaghs later in the day.

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